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Different Kinds of Egg Breaking Machines

by Belinda

The baking industry can’t function without an egg-breaking machine. Of course, there aren’t many employees assigned to break eggs for a living! The recent increase in the food industry has amplified the demand for egg-breaking machines.

Upon considering the different uses of eggs, the egg breaking machine manufacturers came up with different variations of the gadget. Let’s dive into the current market’s various kinds of egg-breaking machines.

Kinds Based On Egg Processing Mechanisms

Egg-breaking machines fall into numerous categories according to their working and capabilities. Below you will find the details of all the possible distinctions.

Traditional Egg Breaker

As the name implies, these machines only break the eggs. A worker lines up the eggs on a conveyor. When the device turns on, the eggs move symmetrically into a narrow chamber. The striker in the chamber breaks the shells and delivers the raw egg to the exiting conveyer.

The shells travel to a discharger. These are traditional egg-breaking machines are don’t function as an egg separators.

Breaker and Separator

The other category of egg breaking machines has a separating feature as well. They not only break the eggs but also extract the yolks from the whites. A few years back, machines with separating features demanded more upfront. However, as the technology prevailed, more devices showed up with hybrid features.

Categories According to Holding Mechanisms

The second differentiating aspect of the egg breaking machines is their egg-holding mechanism. Although, it may seem like a vague differentiating aspect. But it is pretty reputable.

Machines with Conveyers

Some egg breaking machines have a narrow chamber, which takes the eggs to the breaker. These machines are relatively slow and require a worker to mind the device’s functioning.

Conveyer egg-breaking machines work well for small baking industries. And are common in places where some relaxation is possible. However, you’ll need extra speed and accuracy if you have a fixed batch quantity to deliver. Hence, demanding an automatic egg breaking machine.

Automatic Egg Breaking Machines

The name somehow justifies the function of the machine. Automatic egg-breaking machines automatically take the eggs into egg holders. Their holding cavities look like rounds of metal hands, which break the egg open. And the yolks and whites slip into different holding capacities.

These machines have incredible speed and accuracy. Therefore, they are present in large baking and restaurants where more quantity is needed.

Kinds Based on Housing Capacity

The last differentiating feature is the capacity of the machines. It is the number of eggs the device can hold. Some have a larger capacity, while others have a minor ability. Egg breakers with large storage capacities are more expensive and work for larger workspaces. In contrast, the ones with smaller capacities are easier to purchase and maintain for small businesses.

Although, the capacity varies from model to model and company to company. But, generally, smaller egg-breaking machines can hold up to 3000 eggs. In comparison, the larger ones can hold up to 13000 eggs per hour.


Egg-breaking machines are not only an essential component in the baking industry. But, they are also present in ice cream production and western-style restaurants. These machines have endless variations. You will find everything from single-functioning machines to those featuring every possible function.

However, your pick depends upon your needs and budget. Therefore, the above article discusses the common market variants so you can see the bigger picture.

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