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Replacing the Roll-Up Door Slide Latch

by Belinda

Reduce the width of the door by a few thousandths of an inch to remedy the problem. This is the most typical approach for mending doors that are too narrow. However, we found another issue when we returned to the house to repair the door. They found that their latch no longer retracted as it was meant to, so after becoming trapped inside their home, they opted to tape the roll up door slide latch down and utilise the deadbolt to keep the door closed instead of relying on the latch to do so.

Replacing a door latch

Step 1: Identify the problem

Every door is unique, and no two doors will have the same issues as described in this guide’s examples and illustrations. Spend some time analysing the state of your door. It was necessary to replace the lock on this particular door. If you are experiencing the same issue, choose a latch manufactured by the same company as the one now attached to your door. There is a good chance that the brand’s name may be found either on the key or on the latch itself. The most typical dimension for door holes is 2-3/4 inches. However, this is not always how the door is drilled. You must ensure that the backset of the new latch you buy is compatible with the door.

Step 2: Remove the Inner Door Handle

At this point, you should take the lock off the door. Make use of your drill to loosen the screws that are attached to the roll-up door slide latch, as well as the screws that are attached to the door handle on the inside. After that, take the door handle on the interior of the door off. When removing the parts, you need to ensure that you keep all of them together since they are relatively small and may be lost easily.

Step 3: Remove the Exterior Door Handle

Each door set has its unique characteristics. While disassembling this door handle, we discovered a little circular plate inside the door. It could be removed by inserting a screwdriver with a flat head into a slot on the side, and then the exterior door handle could be detached using a screw that was located beneath. To reiterate, each door layout is unique, so your particular arrangement may differ.

Step 4: Remove the latch

At this point, you should get rid of the roll-up door slide latch. It ought to should come free with little difficulty.

Step 5: Attach The New Latch To The Door.

Now, open your new door handle set. Do not let the seemingly unclear instructions frighten or intimidate you. You need to look for the image next to the number with a form similar to the cutout in your door where the roll-up door slide latch goes.

Step 6: Reattach The Handles On The Exterior And The Interior.

Put the handle on the exterior back where it belongs now. Before the small rod would fit through the clasp, we had to rotate it; you might or might not run into the same problem. First, screw the outer handle back into its original position, and then use the screwdriver’s handle to pound the metal plate back into its original place. Simply reattaching the handle on the inside of the door will complete the repair.

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