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Pressure Washing A Window- The Process

by Belinda

Washing a window with a pressure washer is a task many experts kick against. However, it is not exactly the wrong thing to do, as long as you have the proper process. This article is a step-by-step guide on how to wash windows with a pressure washer carefully.

Get the right type of pressure washer

No matter how strong the glass of a window can be, we will still consider a window to be a fragile material. It is a material that you can hit with your bare hands, and it will come shattering down. Washing a window with a pressure washer is great, but you need to be sure of the kind of pressure washer you are using. This task is not the one that will require those water tanks for pressure washing or any complex pressure washer. What you need is a gentle pressure washer for the job.

However, the challenge of having a weak pressure washer is imminent. A window is one of the fragile items you will be cleaning with a pressure washer, so it may not be the best decision to buy a personal pressure washer for only windows. If you are using it professionally, you will be encountering lots of window challenges to take on, and you will need the pressure washer a lot. But personally, you will want to get a strong pressure washer with its settings to reduce the pressure it produces.

Choose the black nozzle

Pressure washer nozzles come in four primary colors. You have the red, yellow, white, and black nozzles. These nozzle colors are not an indication of the fashion process of the pressure washers. Instead, they are spreading information on the type of pressure washer you are using. The different nozzle color codes determine the intensity that the water will pass to come out. The red is the highest with zero degrees, followed by the yellow, then the white nozzle. The black nozzles are the weakest types of nozzles; hence, it is an excellent place to start washing the windows. The pressure coming from the black nozzles is quite gentle and may be too low to give the windows an effective wash. What you can do instead is to use The white nozzle for tough windows, but remember to leave enough distance.

Cover all surrounding areas

Different window designs will give you diverse techniques and tactics to wash the windows. If you have windows over with plants by the side, the pressure washer may affect the plants terribly. So before you start cleaning, you may want to cover all fragile items that may surround the window.

Ensure windows are closed

The pressure from a pressure washer is enough to push the window to a close. If the window glass is a fragile one, the force it uses to close may affect it and cause damage. Hence, it is always better to have your windows closed before you start with the pressure washers on the windows.


It is important to carefully wash your windows because of the fragility of the materials. After following the steps discussed above, we advise that you start at the lowest pressure setting on your device to wash the windows. That way, you can rest assured of the windows not getting damaged easily.

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