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Common Issues that Could Cause Uwell Vapes to Leak

by Belinda

Uwell is one of the most popular vape brands in the world. Their tanks, RDAs and other vaping products are known for their quality and innovation. However, even the best companies have some manufacturing issues that result in defective products.

If you are an owner of a Uwell’s new vape pen, there are several common issues that could cause it to leak. Here are some of them:

Cracked Plastic

The plastic around the device can crack if you drop it or if you put too much force on it when filling it with e-liquid or taking apart. This is usually caused by dropping it on a hard surface or from overfilling the tank.

Over Filling

Filling up your tank too much can cause leaking and flooding problems. The more you fill up your tank, the more likely you are to have leaks and flooding because there is more pressure on the coil and wicking material inside of the atomizer. If you overfill your tank regularly, this will lead to burning out your coils faster as well as having to replace them more often. So, make sure that you don’t overfill your tank – it should only come about halfway up on a standard Uwell Vape.

Storing the Device Unused with e-Liquid Inside

When storing your device for longer periods of time without using it, make sure that there is no e-liquid inside of the tank at all times. You should also make sure that there is no excess liquid left inside of the chimney portion of your atomizer as well. Otherwise, keeping it unused for several weeks then there is a chance that it might start leaking e-liquid because of the buildup of gunk inside the tank.

Rushed Draws

When rushing through draws, sometimes people end up sucking too hard on their mod which causes pressure in the tank and pushes liquid out through the air holes where it shouldn’t be going. Take slower, more controlled draws instead of rushing through them so that you don’t cause any damage to your mod or yourself!

Flying with e-liquid in the Tank

Another common mistake made by vapers is flying with e-liquid in their tank. This is more common than you might think, especially for those who travel often or carry their vape with them everywhere they go. When this happens, pressure builds up inside of your tank until eventually it explodes from within (sometimes literally). To avoid this problem altogether simply remove all of the e-liquid from your tank before flying with it., You don’t have to think about vaping on the plane or at the airport since most facilities have prohibited vaping in their spaces.


The main issue that causes Uwell Vapes to leak is over heating. If your vape has been overheating for some time and has caused a crack in the tank or glass tube, then there is a good chance that leaking will occur when you fill up your tank with e-juice again. It is important to remember that these devices are designed for use with nicotine and should not be used if they have been overheated for a long period of time.


In the end, you want to avoid getting liquid in the center airflow. To do this, make sure that your tank is on tightly and there is no excess e-liquid at the top of the tank near where it connects to the coil. This can cause it to leak due to the slight movement of the tank. If you still find that your tank leaks even though you have switched tanks or are using a new mod, the guide above should help you on how to go about it.


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