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Rattan Bar Stools: All About Kitchen Bar Stools

by Belinda

Kitchens used to be a place where meals are cooked. As more emphasis was placed on improving interior designs in the home, the kitchen soon had a facelift. Soon enough, rattan bar stools became the new design trend. These bar stools create extra sitting space in the kitchen and also add beauty to the interior décor.

When it comes to choosing these kitchen bar stools, there are certain factors to be considered.

Material type

One of the foremost things to consider in your kitchen bar stool is the material it is made from. There are different types of materials for making kitchen bar stools but the choice is a function of the style and preferred theme of the kitchen’s décor.

For instance, a wooden kitchen bar stool would be ideal for use in a more traditional styled kitchen. On the other hand, metal bar stools would blend in better in modern kitchen designs. If you are a family with lots of kids, for the sake of your sanity and ease of cleaning, plastic bar stools would be better and designed to suit the space. Fine leather bar stools screams luxury and elegance and is also a preferred choice for an exotic theme.

Rattan bar stools have a natural, earthy theme to them and have become a preferred choice for modern kitchen décor designs. It’s a great choice if you’re comfortable with natural designs, especially in terms of durability.

So, there is no best material to be used for kitchen bar stools. It depends largely on personal preference and the environment.

Stool height

Most of these kitchen bar stools are designed with a tall height. As much as this gives them a better look, you have to get stools with a height that you’re comfortable with. It would be awkward to sit and have to struggle to reach up or down the kitchen table counter. When you’re uncertain about the height, start by measuring the height using your body’s height. The bar stool should have a maximum height that is at your waist level or slightly lower.

Another way is to measure the height of the kitchen counter from the bottom of the counter. Whatever the measurement, add an extra 3 or 4 inches as the perfect bar stool height.

Style of the bar stools

The style of the kitchen bar stool refers to the design, and there are a couple of styles to choose from. The location and environment where the bar stools will be used will also influence the style to be chosen. For instance, a bar stool at a breakfast bar should have armrests and back to aid sitting comfort.

With this, the first most common bar stool style is the backless stool. As the name signifies, it is a bar stool without backrest. Backless stools can be used at home, office, or in public restaurants and bars. Since backless stools have fewer parts, they’re often less expensive than bar stools with backs. They are also easier to relocate and store.

More often than not, bar stools with arms have an accompanying backrest. Both features allow for better sitting comfort and good posture. So, it’s not surprising that they are used in home kitchens and at the office.

Some bar stools come with a swiveling feature. This means they’re able to rotate. They can be used at home, office, and public space. Since it rotates, it promotes easy and quick conversations. This added swiveling feature makes it slightly more expensive than a bar fixed bar stool.


Kitchen bar stools are a great addition to any kitchen space. Although they provide extra seating options in the kitchen, they also have use outside the kitchen. These stools have long been the sitting choice in public spaces like bars and restaurants. They’re also used in office spaces. When looking to buy these kitchen bar stools, ensure to consider these three factors.

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